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Inheritance Tax Planning

Your wealth can have a massive impact beyond your lifetime. With foresight, you can ensure that impact is as positive as possible.

We can help you prepare for tomorrow.

Everyone has a different idea of how they want to pass on their wealth. You might want it to pass directly to family members. You might want to leave a philanthropic legacy. You may wish to reduce the effect of inheritance tax on your estate and consider the use of family trusts or charitable foundations. Or your wealth might encompass businesses, property and investments in the UK and abroad that require specialist considerations.

Many people think that inheritance tax planning requires a timeframe of at least 7 years to be fully effective. However, substantial inheritance tax savings can often be made in a much shorter period. More recently, an increasing number of our clients have requested information, in respect of legal advice, as to how they can protect their assets from third party threats. Many clients fear that their home may be lost to pay for care home fees; others fear that gifts during lifetime or legacies to children on death may be lost to a child's former spouse as a result of divorce or a failed business venture.

We can help you with the many aspects of inheritance planning, including making (or reviewing) your will, establishing trusts and maximising your inheritance tax reliefs to ensure your hard earned wealth is protected for you and your family.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning, Wills or Trusts.