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How We Work

Whereas the vast majority of IFAs are general practitioners dealing with a variety of different classes of clients, a wide range of products and general financial advice, Chester Financial Wealth Management is a 'specialist wealth manager', focusing on retirement planning, investment planning and wealth protection (including inheritance tax advice).

For individuals, our clients are usually retired or looking forward to retirement, and we realise that the assets they have accumulated need to be invested wisely for the rest of their natural lives, to produce either income, growth or a combination of the two. Once this has been accomplished, they want their assets to be passed onto their beneficiaries in the most tax efficient way possible. For trustees, their needs may be different but their assets also need to be invested wisely.

We offer a free initial face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements. If you wish to proceed, we will take time to consider your situation, needs and priorities before making any recommendations. We will put forward our proposals at a follow up meeting. Should you accept our proposals and become a Chester Financial Wealth Management client, your dedicated independent financial adviser will help to implement and administer the recommendations.

We monitor your financial affairs on a regular basis and arrange further face-to-face meetings to discuss your on-going needs. Updates and analysis on your existing holdings will be provided and any further recommendations will be made where necessary.